Artist’s Feast

December 2014

Weswal Gallery, Brisbane Street, Tamworth

Food in its many forms was the basis for this exhibition. Cakes, preserves, pies,pears, plums - all woven into colourful stories.


Wish I Was There

June 2015

Gallery 126, Jessie Street, Armidale

In this exhibition James has moved away from his traditional subject matter to more experimentation. As clichéd as it may seem the content of this new exhibition started with a dream. James recounts: “I woke and this dream stayed with me and annoyed me so I sketched it. Then the artworks just started flowing, one led to another and another. I could see people living their lives in one environment whilst dreaming of a life in another – “wishing they were there”! 

These artworks are all about the dreams people hanker for – the wide open spaces, the sunsets and sunrises, sky and stars, whatever you want. But they are only dreams.

Mustering sheep.jpg

Italian Sojourn

April 2018
Gallery 126, Jessie Street, Armidale

How fortunate to have two months in Italy, to have a villa and to be able to explore and paint. These works are a result of this ‘sojourn’ and for all who love Italy, enjoy.

Coffee Break - Assisi

Coffee Break - Assisi

Where Is He Now

June 2017

Weswal Gallery, Brisbane Street, Tamworth

I was bitten by the travel bug at 21. Sailing by ship to Europe, I spent two years travelling throughout Europe, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and back to Australia.
Hooked on overseas adventures, I’ve also travelled to Antarctica, Mongolia, Cuba and North Korean (where I acquired the only socialism realism artwork in the world).
This exhibition was a chance to create images of countries I’ve visited over the years.

Crowded Harbour

Crowded Harbour

Par Avion

September 2016

Weswal Gallery, Brisbane Street, Tamworth

IMG_5806 copy.jpg

This series of postcard size watercolours reminds us of how fortunate we are as Australians to be able to travel. Whether it be locally, Australia wide or overseas we are often on the move. When we reach our destination we then send back home, via airmail, postcards of the extraordinary scenes we have witnessed for others to enjoy secondhand. 
James’ has mounted an exhibition of postcards from his travels which he hopes will evoke memories for many of you and enjoyment for others.