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As well as painting for exhibitions I work to commission.  These are ideal for wedding presents, anniversaries or gifts for a new home.

For commissions I usually visit the place you would like me to paint, take photos and do sketches on site.  However I can also work from your own photos if this is not possible.  In the past I have been asked to create paintings of people’s homes when they are moving, or landscapes of the farm where they grew up.

Alternatively, if you see an artwork on my site and would like me to do something similar I can also do that.  Please bear in mind, however, that I won’t do an exact duplicate; all of my artworks are originals and I do not want to devalue a painting someone else has bought from me.

Prices are based on the size of the painting, which I classify as a ‘full sheet,’ ‘half sheet’ or ‘quarter sheet.’  Prices are roughly as follows, but each project is different so best to just get in touch.

Full Sheet          750 x 550mm     (30” x 22”)       $2000.00

Half Sheet          550 x 375mm     (22” x 15”)      $1400.00

Quarter Sheet    375 x 275mm     (15” x 11”)        $900.00